Every once in a while I think its healthy to get out of the city. Even if it is just swapping one city for another.

So today I accompanied the husband as he went on a work trip through to ‘the other place’ – Glasgow.

I’ve not spent as much time through in Glasgow as I’d like so I jumped at the chance to do a bit of exploring.  We visited the Gallery of Modern Art  and looked around the British Art Show 7, which opened today and will run until 21 August. It is a sample of some of the most highly regarded British contemporary art of the moment and is on tour around various British cities, but Glasgow is the only Scottish gallery showing it. The show as a whole probably deserved more time than we were able to give to it today, but we both really loved the film by Elizabeth Price; ‘User Group Disco’. Perhaps partly because of the inclusion of A-Ha’s ‘Take On Me’ in the soundtrack (also part of the soundtrack at our wedding disco); perhaps because the language used in the narrative reminded me of the tone of the King Of The Cosmos in the amazing game Katamari Damacy . Also, it was a beautifully edited film, which poked fun at the establishment of the art world, consumer culture and itself, whilst also being a little bit earnest. Or maybe I just read it wrong – but I appreciated being made to laugh in an art gallery. Especially a modern art gallery.

'Exotic' cupcakes

We later explored the treasure trove of vintage emporiums, foodie shops and craft boutiques of the lanes and arcades around the West End. We ended up in an amazing little cafe on Byres Road, called ‘cup‘ – specialising in (you guessed it!) cupcakes! We shared an ‘Exotic’ cupcake of lemon and lime with a cactus dark chocolate on top. Normally I’m a little dubious of the proportion of icing to cake on a ‘proper’ cupcake, as my tooth is not really sweet enough to enjoy half and half of each. Usually I have to scrape a bit of the icing off (a travesty to some of you I’m sure) as I just can’t manage that much sugar in one go. The icing on the Exotic cupcake was just the right combination of sweet and tart, however, and the dark chocolate set off the citrus flavours beautifully.We had some home-made, good old-fashioned lemonade along with the cake which was definitely a good choice.

The staff at cup were really friendly and helpful, and very happy for me to take photos of all of the sparkly (edible glitter – oh yay!), colourful cakes that were on display. I loved the vibrance of the display and the concoctions that they had put together. I was also impressed by the reasonable prices.

Another reason I liked ‘Cup’ is that it is hosting a fundraising event for the Scottish Epilepsy Initiative, a charity close to my heart, as a person with epilepsy. They will be holding an accessories swapshop at the cafe next Thursday 2nd June, between 6pm and 8pm. Details on where to get tickets are available on their website.


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  1. Shelley Mulholland

    Another good blog Anneleen! Very proud of creative daughter!

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