oh i do like to be beside the seaside!

Apologies for the radio silence!

I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks, including a couple of photography ‘engagements’, one of which was my good friends, Tom and Hannah’s wedding in Kent. I won’t be posting any wedding pictures today (though I’m tempted, as it was a beautiful day!), but the bright seaside charm of Whitstable provided lots of other great photo opportunities. Plus the weather was amazing – there was a heatwave whilst we were down there, with temperatures of around 32 degrees, which my pale Celtic skin was a little unused to, but it was fantastic to be on a beach that was hot underfoot and still be in the UK! Coming back to the 2 hour thunderstorms that have been raging in Edinburgh over the last few days, it all feels very nostalgic and otherworldly looking back on these pictures of down south.

I love beach huts. It has long been a dream to have a little bolthole by the sea to escape to and crash out in – and let’s face it, huts are a bit more affordable than bricks and mortar, so slightly closer to a realisable fantasy. I have vaguely daydreamed about decorating it with bits of driftwood, flowers, seashells and the sort of stuff you find at Time & Tide  (a nautical themed interiors shop which I recently discovered on a daytrip to North Berwick). When down in Whitstable I discovered that my husband Chris is equally enamoured of the idea, though I think it unlikely that our dream will come true unless we move down south as a beach hut in the UK anywhere north of the South coast is likely to be pretty rain battered!

The above snap was taken in the Katharine Hepburn themed guest room we stayed in at the lovely B&B, The Pearl Fisher, just near Whitstable station. I definitely recommend staying there, as the room was beautiful (in a happily quirky way), the couple who ran the place were lovely and – importantly – the breakfast was mahoosive (loads of fresh fruit and coffee as well as the classic full English). I would also recommend watching Katharine Hepburn in action in one of my all-time favourite films, Philadelphia Story;

Whitstable’s historic harbour is famous for it’s oysters, which I didn’t try while I was there, but snapped a few pictures of the shells!

I don’t want to be too disparaging of the Scottish weather, though. There has been sunshine up here too, and I love living by the coast in Granton. To illustrate that it’s both pretty AND sunny (sometimes!) up here too, this is a picture I took the other day down by Granton Harbour.

And if you are making a visit to Edinburgh’s coastline, I can heartily recommend The Peacock Inn (in fact I just have, to the newlyweds, Tom and Hannah), on Newhaven shore. They do great fish and seafood and have recently beautifully redecorated following a fire a few years ago. The staff are friendly and the food is fresh and local. If the sun is out (!), you can even sit outside. And I do believe you can also buy oysters there!


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