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the writing bug

I have really enjoyed doing bits and pieces of writing lately… on Friday I made a trip to the Hannah Zakari shoppe to pick up my copy of their spangly new zine, a collection of interviews, reviews, arty features and tutorials. I was excited to get my copy – not only because it’s a beautiful little magazine full of insider info on some of the fun places to visit in Edinburgh – but also to see my name in print! I wrote them a little article on eateries around Edinburgh’s urban coastline and also provided some photos for the Granny Green’s interview with my co-organiser, Sarah (also known as @whoopdedoo).





I was incredibly tempted by all of the very pretty things in the shoppe – a wide range of jewellery, prints, bags, postcards and accessories available for an equally wide range of prices. In the end I caved and bought this pair of cute lightning earrings, which seem appropriate for this weekend’s weather, and I have been wearing them every day accordingly…





Also, The Jazz Emporium blog published another of my guest posts yesterday – a piece on my vintage makeover at The Sheffield Vintage Fair last Saturday. You can read it here. The Vintage Fair runs fairs all over England and they are definitely worth checking out.

I’m also potentially going to be a regional blogger for another arts blog, but more of that later…




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fashion show tonight!

Just a quick post today, to let you know that there is a (free entry!) fashion show on tonight at The Granary on The Shore It is going to be showcasing the work of Edinburgh based fashion label Nayane, and I’ll be taking some photos. For more info – and to see some of the pictures I took at the last one – see my guest post on The Jazz Emporium blog.
The show starts at 8pm and will run until 9ish, to be followed by live music. Maybe see you tonight!

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july magpie

Just back from the July Magpie Market – had a great day taking photos of all the wonderful stalls and crafting with the Granny Green’s crew.

My interview with Emily Chandler, founder and organiser of Magpie Market, is now up on the Jazz Emporium blog.

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granny greens big day out at magpie market

Just a quick post to let you know that Granny Greens, the craft and networking group I co-run, will be holding a crafting table at this Sunday’s Magpie Market (who have just posted my photos of the last one!). If you are in Edinburgh and into crafting, come along! I, for one, will be both snapping and stitching… For more info, see the Granny Green’s blog, at

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By Royal Appointment… sort of!

Last Wednesday 1st June, I was invited by Josiah of The Grassmarket Community Project ( to be the host photographer for a Royal visit from HRH the Duchess of Rothesay (otherwise known as Camilla).

Camilla, HRH Duchess of Rothesay

This was something new for me – not just doing a Royal photoshoot! –  but also being trusted to take photos for an event that was quite so high profile. Being briefed about the schedule for the morning alongside The Scotsman photographer and reporter by the Press Officer for Clarence House was a little surreal. As I was full of a persistent and horrible cold at the time, I was relying on adrenalin and Berocca to get me through.

The Grassmarket Community Project is a fantastic initiative – it is actually more of an umbrella organisation for a collection of projects – a good summary of what they do is given on their website –

Throughout the week the Grassmarket Community project offers a variety of workshops aimed at developing people’s self worth, social networks and skills.

Craft, art and community are all central themes in our work. Participants have the opportunity to join in with GRoW wood workshop, the Plough to Plate cookery and gardening program, the Grassroots Textiles workshop, Greyfriars Herb Garden or one of our many arts and education activities.

Although primarily aimed at individuals facing deep social exclusion, the Grassmarket Community Project encourages members of the local community to join in and work side by side with participants from all walks of life.’

Meeting GRoW Project woodworkers

I really admire the ethos and inclusive approach that the Project takes. Craft, art and community are major preoccupations for me and I resonate with the values and themes that run through the Project’s work. When I worked at The LOT, formerly at the other end of The Grassmarket, we partnered with the Grassmarket Community Project and showcased creations from the GRoW wood workshop, and hosted fundraising events.

Although I have visited the Project before on a number of occasions, I hadn’t realised quite the extent of the work that they do. As I was shadowing the Duchess throughout the visit I had a great opportunity to see all of the different aspects of their work and I was impressed by the passion that everyone involved seemed to have for their crafts and for the community as a whole.

Meeting Joel from the Music Project

One of the challenges to this visit as a photo-taking assignment was weaving in and out of the vast numbers of people  who were gathered there; and then staying out of line of the photos that the guy from the Scotsman was taking. I was doing a lot of ducking and crouching and standing on tiptoes, and was glad that I’d gone for the sensible converse option with my smart dress (even if it raised a few eyebrows amongst the officials).

I enjoyed the visit so much that I stayed around afterwards to find out more about the Project and got chatting to some of the ladies who are involved with the Textiles group, Cloot. As well as commissioning their own Greyfriars tartan, the group have done all sorts of textiles-focussed crafts – knitting, embroidery, weaving, bag-making, needle-felting and many more. I am now planning to join in with the group and hopefully pick up some new craft skills. They are always on the look out for new members of the group and for volunteers who can help with specialist crafts. They are also currently on the look-out for a volunteer who speaks Polish. To find out more about any of the craft groups, have a look at their website, or drop in some time; everyone is very friendly.

HRH meeting Pat, the Textiles Co-ordinator

Revd Dr Richard Frazer of Greyfriars Kirk, HRH Duchess of Rothesay and Josiah Lockhart, General Manager of the Greyfriars Community Project

Meeting volunteers from the Herb Garden project

HRH Duchess of Rothesay


Unveiling the commemorative plaque


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Every once in a while I think its healthy to get out of the city. Even if it is just swapping one city for another.

So today I accompanied the husband as he went on a work trip through to ‘the other place’ – Glasgow.

I’ve not spent as much time through in Glasgow as I’d like so I jumped at the chance to do a bit of exploring.  We visited the Gallery of Modern Art  and looked around the British Art Show 7, which opened today and will run until 21 August. It is a sample of some of the most highly regarded British contemporary art of the moment and is on tour around various British cities, but Glasgow is the only Scottish gallery showing it. The show as a whole probably deserved more time than we were able to give to it today, but we both really loved the film by Elizabeth Price; ‘User Group Disco’. Perhaps partly because of the inclusion of A-Ha’s ‘Take On Me’ in the soundtrack (also part of the soundtrack at our wedding disco); perhaps because the language used in the narrative reminded me of the tone of the King Of The Cosmos in the amazing game Katamari Damacy . Also, it was a beautifully edited film, which poked fun at the establishment of the art world, consumer culture and itself, whilst also being a little bit earnest. Or maybe I just read it wrong – but I appreciated being made to laugh in an art gallery. Especially a modern art gallery.

'Exotic' cupcakes

We later explored the treasure trove of vintage emporiums, foodie shops and craft boutiques of the lanes and arcades around the West End. We ended up in an amazing little cafe on Byres Road, called ‘cup‘ – specialising in (you guessed it!) cupcakes! We shared an ‘Exotic’ cupcake of lemon and lime with a cactus dark chocolate on top. Normally I’m a little dubious of the proportion of icing to cake on a ‘proper’ cupcake, as my tooth is not really sweet enough to enjoy half and half of each. Usually I have to scrape a bit of the icing off (a travesty to some of you I’m sure) as I just can’t manage that much sugar in one go. The icing on the Exotic cupcake was just the right combination of sweet and tart, however, and the dark chocolate set off the citrus flavours beautifully.We had some home-made, good old-fashioned lemonade along with the cake which was definitely a good choice.

The staff at cup were really friendly and helpful, and very happy for me to take photos of all of the sparkly (edible glitter – oh yay!), colourful cakes that were on display. I loved the vibrance of the display and the concoctions that they had put together. I was also impressed by the reasonable prices.

Another reason I liked ‘Cup’ is that it is hosting a fundraising event for the Scottish Epilepsy Initiative, a charity close to my heart, as a person with epilepsy. They will be holding an accessories swapshop at the cafe next Thursday 2nd June, between 6pm and 8pm. Details on where to get tickets are available on their website.

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